Welcome to my personal web site! 

This is my 3rd (and probably not my last) web site. I'm going back to my web beginnings by resurrecting a revised version of my first effort, one that is much more personal. As you can see by the tabs at the top of this page there are some things I want to share as I feel there may be some value to others with similar interests. If anything, since this is "my domain", those of you that do come across it will be able to find out a little bit more about me. 

The above photo is my own. Murray's Cheese is an iconic food store in NYC, this one on Bleeker  street is the original. One of their other locations in Grand Central Station is much larger and the cheese selection? grand to say the least. Not to mention the available wine selection! In fact, all of the photos you will find on my site are shots that I have taken myself.

The logo image below is also mine. A few years ago I created the first design and then had the opportunity to have a graphic designer create a much more professional version. 

To me, it represents the break through moment when a sprout first appears requiring strength and energy supported by a solid and stable root system. It represents something new that with proper care will grow into something bigger and better than how it started out. To me these are admirable qualities we should all strive for. As a personal brand image I still cannot think of one better. 

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