About Me


I have been in local media sales my entire career, mostly as an account rep for some of the best radio stations in our market. Currently I am with Bell Media Winnipeg. I sell 3 radio stations, 2 music FM's  and 1 sports talk which happens to be the official broadcast voice of the Winnipeg Jets. I now also sell TV advertising as our company has merged the radio and TV sales departments in our market.

I consider myself to be one of the fortunate few because I really like what I do. When I leave home in the morning to go to the office I do not see myself going to "work". I just go and do what I get to do and at the end of the "work" day I realize it's time to head home. How good is that!

When someone asks you about your work and asks "So, what do you do"?, are you ready with an answer that is brief and compelling enough to get their interest or better yet,  they ask questions about what you do? I used to reply with "I'm in the customer delivery business", which I thought was quite factual since I sell radio advertising. However, when I used that response I was not getting the reaction that would enable the conversation to continue. I now say, "I am a business horticulturalist". This does get the curious response I am after as I now always get to explain that the result of what I do, when done right, is that I help owners grow their businesses. What's your opening line to your elevator pitch?

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Many, many years ago when I was being introduced to someone who would become a close friend, he didn't say "nice to meet you Murray" he shook my hand and said "nice to meet you Muzz". It's a long story but the nickname stuck to this day. As it should because to my friend who first called me Muzz anybody named Murray is to be called Muzz. 


I enjoy reading anything I can about business, advertising, marketing, sales, relationship building and human behaviour. Yes I do have a Kindle app on my tablet and still  like to buy a good old fashion paper book!

When I am not reading I am online learning how to communicate better with my customers and friends.

Personal Recommendation

Because this is my personal web site I would like to make a personal recommendation. Please consider buying a domain that is your name. Before someone else with the same name gets that critical piece of digital real estate that one day you will want for yourself, just do it. Once you own it, it's yours to lose. Don't lose out now.

  • Born: 1954
  • Country: Canada
  • School: B.A. 1980 University of Winnipeg

  • Quote: "There is no shortcut to any place worth going", Beverley Sills
  • Current Read: Born to be Good, The Science of a Meaningful Life, Dacher Keltner
  • Movie (Old): One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
  • Movie (New): Manchester by the Sea
  • Music: Jazz and Singer/Songwriters
  • Travel Destination: New York City

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