My Top 10 "A" List

I don't think there is any real significance to this but some time ago I realized that a number of words that I often used to describe how to lead a productive life, started with an "A". So, like the old Late Show's Top 10 list, here are my "A"words, from a good Canadian "EH"!

10. Attitude: have a good one
9. Ability: have more than just enough
8. Action: just do it
7. Attend: show up
6. Attention: pay some
5. Accountability: be responsible
4. Authority: become one, preferably on one thing
3. Austerity: don't spend beyond your means
2. Authentic: be that
1. Apply: stick with it

And 2 more, you can fit in wherever you wish....

Appreciate: say thank you
Abundance: go for it

 Have a great day, "EH"!
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