Makes Me Nuts!

We all have pet peeves or things that just bug us. It seems though that I have more than my share of things that absolutely makes me nuts. Guess I'm more curmudgeon like than I'm prepared to admit! In no particular order:

Other Drivers

1. When drivers come up to a stop at a four way intersection at the same time, the rule is the car that is on the right goes first. No one seems to know this or they have know idea which side is on their right!
2. Divers that see a stop sign and think it says Slow Down or Stopping is Optional.
3. Just because the speed limit is posted at say 60 KM/hour does not mean you should drive that fast (or faster) when the road is covered in snow and ice. Drive to the conditions and the roads would be a much safer place.
4. Why do some people insist at stopping behind me at a red light and leave a couple of inches between our two cars?
5. When the light turns green why do some drivers step on the gas before the car in front of them has started to move?
6. The signal lights are there to indicate what your intentions are. Don't put them on during or after a lane change. Try using them before you make your move. And by the way, a quick turn of your head does not qualify as a signal!
7. Drivers that don't clean the snow off of their windows should be pulled over and made to clear them. Worse yet are the ones that clean the windows but don't do the brake or headlights. What are you thinking???
8. When you stop in a median to cross a street please don't leave the back half of your car hanging out in my lane.
9. Semi-truck drivers talking on a cell phone? And you are shifting how?
10. Texting while driving. Really?

People Who Can't, Don't or Won't Take Responsibility for Their Actions

The blame is always put on someone else or an event early in their life. You know the story, "I was abused as a child" or "I didn't know what I was doing, I was drunk at the time".

Not Telling the Truth

Nothing more to say about this.

Not Preventing a Problem Knowing It Could Be Prevented

Sometimes a little communication is all that is required before getting to a point with a situation that ends up being as embarrassing as you knew it was going to be.

Cycling in Winter
Our  winter climate, at least from November to March creates the worst possible conditions for two thin and frozen bicycle tires. I am an avid cyclist and I know there are many safety concerns in the best days of summer, so I don't understand why someone would deliberately put themselves at such increased risk of major injury or worse. Worse still is riding on the roads, in winter conditions at night with no reflective clothing or lights on the bike. Ridiculous.

Ignorant People at the Store Check Out.

1. How is it that I am always the one that gets behind the one buying a weeks worth of lottery tickets? Then they hand last weeks tickets to the cashier to see if they won any thing. And my all time favourite are the ones that have to scratch and sniff their new tickets without moving out of line.
2. Why do some people insist on paying with the exact amount of change. Waiting for the results of the search for that last nickel is painful.
3. And how about those that have to put everything back in their wallet or purse in the right spot and don't bother to be courteous enough to move off to the side?

Dirty and Tired Restaurants

Entries that have not been swept or cleaned in months, spider webs on light fixtures, finger prints on walls and tables, sticky salt and pepper shakers, worn chairs, wobbly tables and ripped carpets, peeling paint, tarnished metal rails. There is only one possible conclusion. How clean is the kitchen?

The "Personal Form Letter"
Expensive direct mail, even the salutation on some permission based e-mails with my name mis-spelled or just completely wrong just ensured I won't read another word. My all time favourite is Dear Murray Customer,.....

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