My 24 Hour Rule

Please try this!

Sometimes when I am asked a question or asked for my opinion or it's 'decision time', and the answer isn't immediate, I realize I need some time to think things through before I respond.

I actually look at the person and ask if I can invoke Muzzy's 24 Hour Rule. They of course want to know what the hell that means! So, I explain that I know that if I percolate on something, consciously (or not) the right answer for me, always comes to me.

Usually with the added benefit of a good night sleep, I get that sudden moment of clarity that I needed without even knowing its coming. 

So the next time you are faced with questions about how to act or what action should be taken, don't worry if you aren't quick with your answer, and ask for 24 hours to think about it. The bonus is that it probably won't take you that long and you will be getting back to that person with even a better answer.
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